Wireless Automation


This is one of the most economical system for receiving the feedback of High & Low level of water tanks on your cell phone. It is a microcontroller based circuit which is duly interfaced with a modem & can be used with any network service provider. As the water level reaches lower limit, it sends a text SMS of “Low” while “High” on reaching upper limit. It can indicate up to 10 levels in one tank. Same messages can be send to 8 nos. various mobile numbers & text messages can be configured as per customer’s requirement. It is suitable for any electrical load. Simple and reliable operational principle. Sensitive to dust, electrical charge & temperature A maintenance free unit.


This is one of the most economical system for remote control operation of ON & OFF of any device or machine. It consists of a control circuit which is duly interfaced with any Mobile Phone & with any service provider. On dialing the phone number, it operates the device accordingly. It can be connected to any electrical load. The device gives an audible indication on operating the system ON or OFF respectively on your mobile phone. Apparently, it sends a feedback sms confirming the system operation status. It is a GSM Mobile based remote control system. A Mobile Phone is connected with the circuit. On receiving the call, it automatically gets connected. On pressing digit “1”, it switches ON while on pressing “2”, it switches OFF the device. It is a microcontroller based device & hence features can be added as per customer’s requirement.

Remote Hand-held Unit (PATENTED)

Remote Operational Features:
  • Working Principle: On pressing push button, a pre-programmed SMS will be transferred to the Transmitter Unit & on receiving the SMS, it operates the device accordingly. It is a microcontroller based control system. One Transmitter can send up to 10 Receivers simultaneously.
  • Push Button has been provided for ON & OFF of the device.
  • It also indicates the current status of device i.e., ON / OFF.
  • The unit is powered by Li-ion Rechargeable Battery along with the Battery Charger.
  • Battery charging status has been displayed with the help of Multi color LED's.
  • Green LED indicates "Full", Yellow indicates partly charged while Red indicates "Empty"
  • Housing: ABS Plastic, Light in weight, Durable, Tough & small in size.
  • Power ON / OFF Button. During OFF position, battery gets disconnected.

Wireless - RF based Communication

1. Transmitter: This device will automatically transmitting control signal to receiver located at remote site / control room. The transmitter will be operating at 2.4GHz frequency band which is a free band for industrial applications. Following are the specifications of the transmitter.
  1. Operating range: 500m ~ 5000m (outdoor)
  2. User interface: LED for visual indication
  3. Power supply: 220 VAC
  4. Operating frequency: 2.4GHz
2. Receiver: It'll receive control signal from Transmitter on 2.4GHz frequency.
  1. Output: 4 NO, 4NC (4 relays)
  2. Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz
  3. Power supply: 12 VDC
3. Repeater: This is signal booster device to increase the range of wireless operation.

Wireless Multi-Tank Pump Control System

It is one of the best system for remote located centralized pump station along with Tank Indicator at Control Room. The system consists of 7 parts, Level Sensor, Level Controller, Solenoid Valve / Motorised Butterfly Valve, Motorised Valve Controller, GSM Transmitter, GSM Receiver & Motor Control Unit.

Work Operation: As the Water Level in Overhead Tank goes below the Lower limit of self innovative Magnetic Float Ball type Level Sensor, it operates the Water Level cum Motorised Valve Controller. Water level controller operates the GSM Transmitter & Motorised Valve Controller opens the Motorised Valve. GSM Transmitter sends a pre-coded message thru SMS to GSM Receiver On receiving the SMS, GSM Receiver reads the code & operates the Motor Control Circuit accordingly. Pump starts running & water will reach to that Tank only in which the Motorised Valve is open. Pump will run until all the Overhead Tanks gets filled.

Wireless Water Level Indicator

Water Tank Level indication can be monitored remotely thru GSM Wireless system. In this system Level sensor has been interfaced with GSM Transmitter. On reaching a level, Transmitter sends an SMS to GSM Receiver or Indicator. It will glow an LED accordingly. As the level goes down, LED will get OFF.
Alarms can also be integrated with the system.

Transmitter can also send messages to 8 different mobile numbers also. Messages can be programmed as per customer's requirement.

Wireless SCADA

Every minute data recording of energy parameters, i.e., voltage, current, frequency, power factor, KVAh, KWh, of individual phases Upper & lower limit can be set & on crossing it, visible indication, sms can be generated. 4 Analog inputs, 4 Digital Inputs & 4 Relay outputs are provided & again logged the data every minute User friendly data software. Can be downloaded from www.pumpautomation.in/downloads Any critical parameter of the machine or process can be monitored remotely & alerts can be Programmed thru sms or visible indications.

GPRS based remote monitoring & control of any electrical device.

Applications - GPRS Wireless Remote Data Logger (Wireless SCADA):
GPRS Wireless Remote Data Logger has applications in every type of industry where real time continuous data acquisition & monitoring is required. An exceptionally low cost wireless GPRS/GSM based SCADA solution for remote industrial automation.

The most important application of GPRS wireless remote data logger is energy management by keeping a vigil on electrical energy being used and there by managing it.
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These GPRS/GSM wireless remote data loggers find applications in:
  1. Chemical Industry,
  2. Electricity Generation & Utility i.e., AMR (Automatic Meter Reading),
  3. Military & Defence,
  4. Manufacturing & Process Industry
  5. Medical Sector,
  6. Mining & Extraction Industry,
  7. Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industry,
  8. Food Processing Industry: Refrigerated Vans, Cold Storage,
  9. Research Laboratories: Temperature & Humidity Sensing,
  10. Construction Sites to monitor various machines working hours so saving on fuel & man power.