Water Level Indicator & Alarm System

This is a unique device for indicating water level in the tank integrated with the alarm system. All our level indicators has been branded under the name of "SEA".

It has been manufactured considering customer requirements. Depending on the requirement we starts working on that & will be able to offer the same within a short span of 3-4 days.

We are manufacturing various models of Water Level Indicator that is applicable for every size of the wallet & suits every application.

The brief description of all the models of Level Indicator is as under:

Water Overflow Alarm

This product is the most economic model of all. It gives visible & audible indication only when water reaches top level. You can plug it directly in an AC Socket and connect two core flexible wire to the connectors below the device and keep the wire in the storage tank at the desired overflow level duly connected with level sensors.

The voltage flow on the conductive type sensor probes is less than 3VDC. Hence it gives no harm or shock to any human being. The material of sensorProbe is SS 304 / 316.

Switch ON the device when your pump is running & switch OFF as the alarm goes ON.
Power Supply: 230VAC, 50Hz

This is the most economic model & very easy to install. The product is awarded with one year warranty.

Water Overflow & Reserve Level Alarm

It is the second product in the range of Economic Models. It gives visible & audible indication when water reaches at Empty & Full level of the tank. This feature makes the model unmatchable as there is no one in the market that offers the same.

Its features will remain the same as of Water Overflow Alarm on previous page.

Water Level Indicator Cum Alarm System

Unbeatable performance and long life are the main feature of this product, Our Advanced Water Level Indicator has four level of indication that indicates four levels of water in a tank (Full, ¾, Half & Reserve) and with the “Reset” Push Button you can easily reset the console unlike other products available in the market where you have to turn off the system every time your storage tank fills up.

It consists of a safety fuse installed for extra safety which is missing in most of the products available in the market.

4 different wires are to be used for connecting Indicator with Level Sensors. As the voltage flow in the wire is less than 5 volts so 3 Pair Telephone wire can also be used as connecting wire. It consists of three different colors (i.e., Red, Yellow & Green) & three white color wires.

For Empty, Half & Full level, colored wires to be connected with the Level sensors while remaining three white wires to be joined altogether & connected to Reference sensor. This is easy to install & user friendly also.

Water Supply Restoration & Interruption Alarm with Four Level Indication

Simple and elegant describes this product best. It has four level of indication for water in tank and one indication for water running in line, it indicates and alarms the user as soon as the running water is interrupted due to any cause, so that the user can stop the running motor and hence protects the motor from "Dry Run" & also increases its life.

It also has a safety fuse to ensure trouble free operation.