HYDROtECH - Single Tank Controller

HYDROtECH Single Tank Controller automatically controls the pump used for filling only one tank. Level sensors are mounted on the tank & automatically starts & stops the motor sensing the level of water in the tank (Overhead / Underground). As the water reaches middle level, it will start motor automatically & stops on reaching top level of the tank.

Even if the water stops coming in the tank, motor will stop automatically. Normally the Middle level has been set on the 60 - 70% of the total capacity of the water tank & Top level on 90%. This can be adjusted while fixing as per the customer's requirement.

There are two types of level sensor used for domestic applications. Conductive Type & Magnetic Float Type. Conductive type sensors are used where the water has low level of impurities & hardness otherwise Magnetic Float type is used.

HYDROtECH - Dual Tank Controller

It automatically operates the motor with reference to level of water in the Underground & Overhead Tank. It will switch ON the motor as the water level goes below to the middle level of Overhead Tank.

If water is available in the Underground Tank then motor will run continuously until the water level goes below the bottom level of Underground Tank. As soon as the water level goes below the bottom level of Underground Tank, then HYDROtECH will automatically switch OFF the motor within 2 minutes with audible and visual indication. Hence your motor will always be safe as it protects from dry running & simultaneously increases its life.

Generally 3 nos. of Level sensors are being mounted in the Underground Tank. The lowest one is for Reference, Bottom & Middle for 2nd & 3rd level. Usually Bottom position is mounted on the 10% of the tank capacity while the Middle position is on 20%.

Programmable Timer Controller

This model is best suitable for those areas where the water supply from the municipal corporation reaches at different timings. With the help of user friendly programmable timer you can set the start & stop time of your pump set.

Working Principle: The start time is set at 5:00am and stop time at 5:03am. The motor will automatically start at 5:00am, if water reaches before 5:03am then motor will continue to run until water stops coming or the Overhead Tank gets filled up. Now suppose water doesn't reach before 5:03am, then motor will stop automatically. Now again the motor will start at its second programmed time, i.e., 5:10am & so on. It is the hit & trial method and is running successfully with great convenience. This also safeguard your pump-set against any longer dry running. There are two models of programmable timer. You can program 8 sets of time in timer (A) while 24 times in timer (B) in a day.

Submersible Pump Controller

There are various models of HYDROtECH Submersible Pump Controller suiting various types of Starter Panels used. Generally the starter used for submersible pumps are Direct-On-Line (DOL), Capacitor Start Capacitor Run (CSCR) & Star - Delta Starter.

HYDROtECH is available for all the three types of starters. It is very easy to interface HYDROtECH with any type of starter. We are distinctly ahead of our competitors in interfacing the controller with any type of starter.

Now a days Capacitor Start & Capacitor Run starters are used for submersible pumps. Considering the same we have designed the product in such a way that it will be best suitable for operating CSCR Starters.

Sump / Sewage Pump Controller

As the level of liquid reaches the top level of the sump / sewer, motor will start automatically and as the liquid reaches bottom level, motor will switch off immediately.

Type of water level sensor used is to be considered while installation. For liquids, Stainless Steel probe duly plastic moulded sensors will be used while for viscous or sewage water, Radio Frequency PTFE Type level probes will be installed.