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CENTRALIZED LIGHTING AUTOMATION PANELBeing an ISO 9001:2000 Company, our distinguished range has a mark of quality and is far ahead in competition. Our past clients have derived complete satisfaction in dealing with us. All the products are available in the standard as well as customized models. The products can be programmed according to the requirements. They have efficiency to work under extreme cases. Its salient features are under:
  1. Automation Type: Lux Sensor / Programmable Timer
  2. Power Load: 1KVA to 100KVA
  3. Wireless Option: GSM / GPRS
  4. Online Data Acquisition of V, I, PF, KW, KVA of individual
  5. phases in every 15minutes
  6. Alert Operation: Thru SMS to 8nos. mobile phones
  7. Protection: Low/High Voltage, Current, SPP if reqd.
  8. User friendly Timer Programming
  9. Maintenance Free
  10. MS Enclosure duly powder coated. IP55 Protection
  11. Selector Switch for Auto Manual Mode Operation


TRANSPARENCY METERIt is an electronic device consisting of a Light Sensor & a Light Source. The Light Source emits a predetermined level of Light & directed towards the Light Sensor. The Sensor senses the intensity of light & it has been adjusted accordingly for a limited output.

A slot is made in the handheld device & on inserting the device into the glass vertically, the glass comes between the Light Source & Light Sensor. Now it will display the transparency factor. More the darkness of film lesser will be its sensing value.

It has been standardized that the transparency or visibility of the tinted glass of vehicles should not be less than 50%. This device will give the percentage factor of visibility.

Power ON-OFF Switch is provided for switching the device only when in use. Transparency Sensor Switch is used for switching the operating circuit related to Light Sensor. It is to be switched “On” when the device has been inserted in the tinted glass. While the third switch is used for illuminating the Backlight of LCD Display for 5 seconds. It helps to improve visibility of LCD Display.