New Launches

Innovative Batcher Cum Totaliser “AVINI” for Flow Meters

Innovative Batcher Cum Totaliser “AVINI” for Flow MetersJohnson’s Batcher “AVINI” is a revolution in the field of Precision Liquid / Fluid dispensing application. It is the most precise product developed in flow application industry.

AVINI works on pulse or 4-20mA input mode from Flowmeter. It dispenses the “Residual Volume” by frequent ON-OFF operation of solenoid valve. Say, you need to dispense 100 ltrs. & 5ltrs have been set as “Residual Volume”. So after dispensing 95 ltrs, solenoid valve will get closed & then remaining 5 ltrs will be dispensed slowly by putting valve open – shut frequently (depending on Delay Time set). With this method accuracy & precision is achieved.

Innovative Energy Saver “MYARU” for Sewing Machines

Innovative Energy Saver “MYARU” for Sewing Machines“MYARU” is a revolution in the field of Garment Manufacturing Technology. It is being designed & developed considering the various aspects related to Power wastage during the operation of sewing machine. Generally it has been observed that the sewing machine motor keeps running while the operator is not available on the machine. Even sometimes operator is not operating the machine & busy with other activities while the motor is running.

“MYARU” is the key to all these inherent problems. It switches OFF the motor after preset time 1 minute (adjustable) when the machine doesn’t operate. A string of wire has been attached with Foot Paddle of the machine, if it doesn’t move for 1 minute, “MYARU” will switch OFF the motor. Whenever operator push its Foot Paddle, motor will start immediately.

It can be interfaced with any type & load of motor. The operating system can easily be customized for any specific requirement. “MYARU” has a Pay Back period of less than 6 months. It has been awarded with One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. The product has been applied for Patent also.


I. V. BOTTLE INDICATORIt is an electronic device consisting of a Load Sensor duly governed by a microcontroller based programmable circuit. On placing the I.V. Bottle on its hanger, it measures the load & on pressing the “Percentage” push button, it converts the total load into percentage. By default it will consider it as 100%.

It has been pre-programmed that as the weight goes below 30%, it gives an audible & visual indication. During the time of “Blockage” it also blows alarm.