HYDROtECH Interfacing PLC's For SCADA

This model is developed for interfacing Water Level Controller with PLC's for customized requirement. You can be able to analyze the data regarding various factors of pump running conditions at your PC itself.
You can generate a record of motor running details, i.e., time, date, duration, liquid level in the tank, frequency of running motor, etc. This is a customized product & may vary with the application required.

HYDROtECH Relays / Sequencers

a) Bi-stable Relay / Sequencer - Bi-Stable Relay is a unique electronic device which is responsible for running two motors alternatively. If there are two motors A & B operated with their respective motor 'A' is running then 'B' remains stop and next time motor 'B' will run and 'A' remains stop. It ensures that only one motor will run alternatively.
It consists of two SPDT relays integrated with electronic circuit. As the signal received from the Level controller to run the pump, the circuit operates its respective Relay & activate the motor contactor accordingly.
It is easy to install & commissioned. It can be interfaced with any type of motor starter either single phase or three phase & irrespective of rated capacity. It is to be connected in between with the Level controller & Pump starter.
b) Tri-Stable Relay - Tri-Stable Relay is used for running three motors alternatively.

HYDROtECH Motor Control Centre

HYDROtECH Motor Control Centre includes Electrical Switchgears & Water Level Controller. It consists of Motor Starter, Indicating Instruments, Indication lamps, MCCB & related switchgears with class-of-art wiring, Level controllers, Relays for alternate running of pumps, etc. It is a customised product & will be developed after finalizing the specifications & parameters required by the customer

Motorized Valve Interfacing HYDROtECH

It is best suitable for Industrial / Residential / Commercial Societies / Complexes where there is a free flow of water from municipal corporation & the size of pipe is more than 2''. In that case Solenoid valve is not appropriate. Electrically operated Motorized Valve will be the best solution.

As the level of water goes below the middle level, HYDROtECH opens the motorized valve & will get closed when water reaches the top level. It will be a Fail-Safe method of preventing overflow of water from the tank.

HYDROtECH Solenoid Valve Controller

This system is best suitable for societies, residential complexes, industry, townships, etc. where one or two pumps are used for filling various overhead tanks at various locations / blocks at different heights & of different capacities. Solenoid Valve is mounted on the water inlet of the pipe near to the tank.

Each overhead tank consists of Top & Middle level sensor. As water reaches top level, solenoid valve will get closed and stops the water supply. But pump will stop only when all the overhead tanks get filled up and all the solenoid valves get closed. If water level goes below the middle level in any of the tank, the motor will start automatically thru HYDROtECH.

This is a unique system which helps to remove the daily water crises in such type of premises. Some tanks are overflowing while some remain empty. The running period of motor is also excessive.

Fuel Level Indicator with Alarm & Fuel Controller

Petrol / Diesel / Kerosene can easily be quantified with Fuel Level Indicator / Controller. It is available in two models considering display mode i.e., Analog Display (LED) & Digital Display (7-Segment LED) in Litres / cm.

Fuel Level Indicator is a customised product. It is being designed & developed as per the customer requirement. Depth of the tank & number of level required for display is to be considered while developing. Audio Buzzer will activate on reaching the Bottom Level or any level as specified by the customer.

Fuel Level Controller not only controls the single fuel tank but will be effective for multi tank system also. Its principle will be as fuel level goes below the middle level, fuel pump will start & as reaches top level, pump will stop. In case of multi tank system Solenoid valve will be interfaced with the controller & will work same as Solenoid Valve Controller.

Remote Control & Monitoring of Water Pumps

A typical application - is remote pump stations that are commonly used by water supply and water treatment plants. A plant or factory may need to monitor a level in a sump, the low rate of the liquid that is pumped to or from the pump station and may need to monitor of the temperatures on pumps.

Automatic engine pump unit monitoring and remote control system with SMS Text Message notification direct to your mobile phone. Reports messages including: Low Flow; High Pressure; Low Pressure; High Temperature; Oil Pressure; Low Pump Pressure; High Pump Pressure; High Engine Temperature; Low Engine Oil Pressure. Operational status can be checked at any time by simply calling SMS and waiting for the return SMS text message. The engine pump unit can easily be shut-down remotely from the operator's mobile phone.