HYDROtECH Automatic Water Level Controller

The products related to Pump Automation comes under the Brand name of HYDROtECH.
The automatic water level controller is a device that automatically starts & stops the pump according to the level of water available in the water tank. It also ensures that the pump doesn't run under "Dry" condition.

We are manufacturing various models of HYDROtECH that is applicable for each type of application. We utilizes our technical skills & know-how for offering the best & economical solutions to our prestigious customers.

The system consists of two parts. One is the Electronic Motor Control Unit & the other is Level Sensors. The Level sensor sense the water available in the tank & sends the signal to the Electronic control unit. This further operates the motor automatically.

The voltage sends from the electronic control unit to level sensors is below 3 Volts & current is less than 10mA continuously. So, it doesn't require power cables & hence Telephone wire can be used for connection of level Sensors with control unit. Since the voltage flow in the sensors is less than 3 volts, no one will get any shock on touching the water in the tank.

The lesser the voltage & current supplied to the sensors, lesser will be the probability of rusting the sensors earlier. Even though the water has heavy impurities & hardness but it will take more time for any type of deposition on the sensors. This is the most advantageous feature in our systems which makes them a step ahead with our competitors.

  • Power Supply: 230VAC, 50 Hz
  • Dimension: 180mm x 220mm x 60mm (lxbxh)
  • Weight: 1750 gm
  • Relay contact rating: One N/O potential free contact rated at 10 Amps at 230 Volts
  • When water level in Overhead Tank goes below the middle level, it switches ‘ON’ the pump.
  • It switches ‘OFF’ the pump automatically on filling the Overhead Tank.
  • If water level in Ground Tank goes below the bottom level, it switches ‘OFF’ the pump.
  • HYDROtECH protects the motor from ‘Dry Running’. It switches ‘OFF’ the pump by giving visible & audible indications.
  • It indicates the water level in both the tanks by three indicators i.e., Top, Middle & Bottom level with LED’s. (Green, Yellow & Red).
  • It can be interfaced with all types of Jet Pumps, Monobloc Pumps & Submersible Pumps.
  • It is made up of latest C-MOS & Digital Technology.
  • Self power consumption of the device is less than Rs. 5/- per month.
  • Protection of your pump set from voltage fluctuation.
  • Starting high voltage spike suppressor.
  • Single phasing preventor for three phase pumps.
  • Sensor Voltage & Current: Less than 3VDC & 10mA
  • Sensor Voltage Polarity: Positive (Will be effective for rust prevention on level sensors)
  • ‘Motor ON’ indicates motor running indication.
  • In case of system failure, a ‘Bypass’ Switch is provided for running the motor directly.
  • ‘Manual’ Switch is provided for running the motor in emergency. It is a push button switch. As you press it, motor will start running until the tank gets filled up.
  • A user friendly connection details are printed on the device itself.
  • Because of its unique features and technology up gradation, HYDROtECH is awarded with 12 months warranty.
    • HYDROtECH Automatic Controller works continuously for a minimum life of 7 years while Level Indicator for more than 12 years.
  • The material of Conductive type Level sensor probe is SS 304 / SS 316 duly plastic molded.
  • The joint of wire & sensor probe (SS Material) of Level sensor should not come in contact with water. If it is so then it will send the false signal to the controller & hence malfunctions.
For making it fool proof, we applied plastic material duly molded on the area around joint. So this will not allow the water to come in contact with the joint hence reliable functioning.

Front Fascia of "HYDROtECH"

  • Shows three indication of water levels in the Overhead tank and Underground tank TOP, MID & BOT)
  • Indicates water reaching the tank (WATER INLET)
  • Indicates Motor running condition (MOTOR ON)
  • Indicates Dry Running condition (DRY RUN)
  • Has an easy operate-able ON-OFF Toggle switch (to be used during system failure)
  • Soft touch ‘MANUAL' in case to switch on the motor during emergency for filling overhead tank
  • MAINS ON-OFF switch provided
  • Terminal Diagram has also been printed on the front body for wiring connection.