Title of Invention

GSM based Handheld Remote cum Receiver Control Unit

Background of Invention

Everybody has a desire to control their electrical appliances & equipments as & when required comprising minimum efforts even remotely located. They want a hassle free, reliable, efficient & maintenance free gadget which obeys there command & switch ON & OFF there equipments wirelessly placed at long distances even 1000Kms away. There are products in the market which governs the same thing thru mobile phones. This will be suitable for personal use but in case of industrial or commercial application is concerned this can't be worked out as operators will misuse the mobile phone to their personal activities.

So there should be an equipment which can be handed over to the operators & that commands the utilities wirelessly remotely located, hence GSM Remote is invented. It is a handheld device with ON & OFF buttons that sends the SMS to the Receiver control unit for operating the equipments.


Module Dual/Tri* band 900/1800/1900MHz GSM with class 10 GPRS modem
Output Power Class 4 (2W for GSM 900)
Class 1 (1W for GSM 1800)
Supports Text and PDU mode
Data Data circuit Asynchronous and non transparent upto 14.4 kbps fixed baud rate (300, 600, 1200, 9600, 115200 bps)
GPRS Packet Data Feature Class 10, Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
AT Commands Interface GSM 07.05 and 07.07
Connectors RS-232 Serial
SMA Antenna connector, SIM Card Holder
I/O Ports 8 Ports to monitor / Drive alarm conditions
Power Supply *  220V AC or 12V / 24V / 48V DC
LED Indications Network, Power, ON, OFF, Battery Charge Status, Communication Status with Receiver
Antenna *  SMA Rubber / WHIP */ Yagi Antenna


  • Highly efficient and reliable remote control over long distance.
  • 8- bit Highly Efficient Microcontroller.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.
  • Protection against negative supply.
  • Spike suppressor.
  • Watch Dog timer to avoid hanging problem.
  • 2 Push Button Switches or Sliding Switch: Triggering ON & OFF action
  • LED Indication: Power, ON action triggered & OFF action triggered.
  • LED indication for Battery status:
  • DC Power jack for charging battery.
  • Same command from Remote can be communicated to 15 nos. Receiver Control Unit bearing individual SIM card no. placed at different locations.
  • With one set of handheld Remote & Receiver Control Unit, 16 nos. of electrical equipments can be controlled individually
  • The unit is powered by Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 14.8VDC, 1500mA-h.
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Light in weight, Durable, Tough & small in size.
  • Power ON / OFF Button. During OFF position, battery will be disconnected.
  • Battery disconnection will lead to reduce the frequency of getting charged.
  • The kit includes Remote with Battery Charger.


  • Highly efficient and reliable Receiver control over long distance.
  • Operational voltage : 220V AC
  • 8- bit Highly efficient Microcontroller.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.
  • Spike suppressor.
  • Watch Dog timer to avoid hanging problem.
  • Selector Switch for Auto & Manual Operation.
  • Remote Unit will function only when at "AUTO" Position.
  • "Manual" Switch is interconnected with another selector switch for ON & OFF operation.
  • Power Supply: 230VAC, 50 Hz
  • LED indication of ON & OFF in "Manual" mode.
  • Wall mounting Single door type Plastic / MS Box duly wired with thimbles & termination thereof with mechanical interlocking arrangement.
  • Power circuit - with 1.0 sq. mm FRLS Multi strand copper wire.
  • 10 Amps, Channel mounting type connectors.
  • "Mains" ON / OFF Switch
  • SMPS supply for GSM Module
  • Relay Output SPST / SPDT, 10Amp
  • In case of Motorized Valve, Reverse & forward rotation has been controlled.