HYDROtECH Digital Level Indicator & Controller

We are manufacturing various types of Industrial Level Indicator for various types of application. We enjoys on receiving a challenging application as generally happens in industrial applications.

The Display of indication unit can either be Analog (LED & Bar Graph) based or Digital (7 Segment LED Type or LCD Type). Traditionally Analog based level indicators are used which is not applicable for the application where small quantity really matters.

We have designed Digital Display Indicator in such a way that it will suit any type of medium i.e., liquid, solid, viscous or grain type.

Digital Display Level Indicator is available in 3 & 4 digits with seven segment LED Display. LCD Display is also available. It displays in Cm, % or Litre.

As far as the sensor unit is concerned, we manufactures wide range of sensors i.e., Inductive type, Transducer type (Pressure & Capacitance), Magnetic Float & Radio Frequency type.

Automatic switching operation for pump automation can also be carried out with this product. The mounting is available in Panel Mounting or Wall Mounting.

Magnetic Float Type Level Indicator

Principle of Operation :
This system has a top mounted flange to which a single stem is welded on top. Floats are fabricated out of stainless steel or polypropylene. These floats enclose Alnico magnets inside. Magnets are not in contact with liquid service. The floats lie in between end stops. The actuation points are factory set. It can be adjusted also. Inside the single stem there is an array of magnetic switches. These magnetic switches are hermetically sealed, inert gas filled & contacts are gold plated.

When the level of liquid rises & reaches above the actuation point, the float which buoys up along with the level rise actuates the magnetic switch which is kept inside the stem. The closure of the switch operates an LED to indicate the level rise or decrease on the Level Indicator Box.

Details of Sealed Magnetic Switch
The magnetic switch used is hermetically sealed , inert gas filled Magnetic switch with gold plated contacts of the Following specifications:

Contact Rating / Form : 230 VAC, 5A (Surge), 1 No. SPDT. can directly operate 110/230VAC Contactor.
Max. Initial Contact Resistance : 150 milli ohms
Max. Operate Time : 0.5 milli second
Max. Release Time : 0.1 milli second
Life Expectancy : 100 million operations

Material Specifications :
1. Type : Top mounted magnetic float level indicator
2. Switch Type : Magnetic
3. Mounting : Field
4. Wetted Material : SS304 / SS316 / SS316L / PP / PVC / HDPE / PVDF / PTFE
5. Material of Flange : CS / SS304 / SS316 / SS316L / PP/PVC/HDPE/PVDF/PTFE
6. No. of Floats : 1 No.
7. Sensing Levels : As per customer's requirement
8. Stem Length : As per customer's requirement
9. Hi & Lo actuation point from bottom of the flange : As per customer's requirement
10. Enclosure : Weatherproof / Flameproof
11. Electrical Cable Entry : " ET (F) Std.
12. Adjustable : The switches are adjustable over the entire stem length to have various level actuation points.
13. Clearance : Clearance between float & stem is enough to have free floating.
14. Service : As per customer's requirement
15. Operative Pressure /Temp. / Specific Gravity : As per customer's requirement

Pressure Transducer Type Digital Display Level Indicator

With Innovative Piezo-Resistive Linear Sensor
No moving part (no wear & tear and jamming)
No electrical contact with water
No long-term effect of salinity on sensor

The liquid pressure at the bottom, which is directly proportional to the liquid column height, is sensed using Media Compatible Piezo-Resistive sensor.

Non-ambiguous Display : 3 Digit (1999 Counts Max)
Unit-Options : Any Two of Cm, Ltr / KLtr, % (Percent)
Resolution : 0.1 for % and 1 Cm up-to 20 M Deep Tank Datum: Level Adjustable
Power : 10-14 VDC (5 W)
Temperature : 0-55 C
Relay : NO - 230 VAC, 6 A
Dimension (mm) : 96x96x96
Datum : Level Adjustable

  1. SMPS Power Adaptor (5 W)
  2. Attachment for 3 Ph Motor
  3. Wall-Hanging Bracket